Easily share assessment folders with teachers following these simple steps!

First you will want to navigate to the Assessments module.

Next, locate the folder you wish to share, click on the ellipses, and select Share Folder.

Type in the teacher(s) email or name of the group you want to share the folder with.
*You can allow teachers to make copies of the assessments, or you can toggle that option to off.*

Click Send and you are done!

Sharing Folders FAQ

  • Can teachers share assessment folders? Folders were built with different purposes for teachers and administrators; for teachers, they serve as a means of organization. For administrators, folders help distribute locked assessments in a cleaner, easier, and more organized method. Teachers sharing folders could open an unlimited number of pathways for one assessment, making fixing errors in answer keys, completing required edits, or identifying who created the assessment, and many other things extremely difficult. Limiting the sharing of folders to administrators helps maintain assessment integrity, making for much easier distribution of “live” changes and data collection.
  • Can an admin share a folder that's been shared with them? Yes - click on the ellipsis while in the folder you wish to share, then click Share.
  • Can users edit assessments in folders that have been shared with them? Assessments in folders are always locked for editing. Although they can't edit the assessment directly from within the folders, they can clone the assessment and make edits. That way, those edits will not impact the original version of the assessment.
  • If an administrator makes edits to an assessment that is in a folder that has been shared with other users, are those edits able to be seen by the recipients?  Yes - any edits made to the original assessment in a shared folder is automatically updated in any shared instance of that assessment.


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