If you are an administrator looking to view, edit, or delete district teacher groups, you've come to the right place.

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Teacher Groups

  • Step 1: From the District Home Page, select Teacher Groups.

  • Step 2: Click on the ellipsis for the desired teacher group.

➡️ View

  • This will present the teachers in a list view.

  • This is also where you can remove a teacher from a group.

➡️ Assign

  • To assign additional teachers to this group, select Assign Teachers. Next, choose a site (school). Select the teachers you wish to add and select Done.

➡️ Edit

  • You can change the title and/or color of the group here.

➡️ Delete

  • To delete the group, select Delete.

Delete groups with caution, as this action cannot be undone.

Where Can Teacher Groups Be Used?

First, it is important to note that teacher groups can only be seen and used by administrator accounts. Teachers are unable to use teacher groups. The question then becomes how can administrators use these teacher groups.

➡️ Sending Copies of Assessments or Sharing Assessment Folders

  • Administrators can send individual assessments or share assessment folders with teacher groups.

Sending Copies of Individual Assessments

Sharing Assessment Folders

➡️ Analytics

  • Administrators can filter by teacher groups when running analytics reports.

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