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View or Edit your User Profile
View or Edit your User Profile

Teachers and Administrators can view or edit various aspects of their user profile.

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What Can You Edit in Your User Profile?

If you need to edit your email address, please reach out in our chat feature, and we can further assist!

If you are a family member wanting to edit your user profile, click here.

To navigate to your user profile, click on the profile icon located in the bottom left hand corner of your screen and select Edit Profile.

Add or Change Profile Picture:

  • Select inside the dotted line to add a photo from your computer, or drag the file over the same area.

Edit First Name, Last Name, or Phone Number:

  • Select the pencil icon.

View Archived Classes or Unarchive Classes:

  • Select Archived Classes

  • If you want to unarchive, select Unarchive

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Click to see FAQ and troubleshooting details

Can we disable students' ability to edit their name or profile photo?

Yes. That setting needs to be changed district-wide though. If your district wants to turn off the ability for students to edit their name and profile photo, have an administrator contact us through chat, and we can assist!

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