With a recent update, we've made searching Inspect Item Bank items much easier! Please know that Inspect Items can only be added to Advanced Assessments.

Click HERE for a video that goes over some of our new search features.

While creating an Item Based Assessment, you have many options to help you search through the Inspect Item Bank. 

In order to add Inspect Items to your assessment, you must access the Inspect Item bank from the Assessment Builder. (You are in the Assessment Builder when you begin creating an assessment and when you edit an assessment.)

To access the Inspect Item Bank within your Assessment Builder, click on the dropdown that says My Items and select Inspect Items.

By clicking the checkboxes, you can narrow your Inspect Item Search by:

-Subject (Ex. ELA, Math, Science, History)
-Language (English or Spanish)
-Depth of Knowledge ( Recall, Skill/Concept, or Strategic Thinking)
-Cognitive Demand

Click More to see more categories.

Click Search by Standards to search for items aligned to state or Common Core standards.

Congratulations! You have successfully searched for and added item bank questions to your assessment in Otus!

*After you add the item to you assessment, the inspect ID will appear in front of the question text as record of what inspect item you used! *

Click here for more information about our Inspect Item bank partner. 

Tutorial: How To Search and Add Inspect Items to Assessments

*What Are My Next Steps?*

Once you have completed the process of adding and creating your assessment, it will be time to assign it! Click below to learn how to assign an assessment to your students/classes! 

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