After learning how to create a Rubric Assessment, you may now want to use the Google Doc sharing capabilities.

Attaching the Google Doc

Please Note: You must be logged in via Google SSO in order to have access to your documents in Google Drive

  • While in your rubric assessment, select Choose File under Attachments.
  • Select the Google Drive icon
  • Choose the document you wish to share
  • Choose your sharing settings


When selecting "Make a Copy for Each Student", Google will create that copy when the assessment has been assigned. We recommend assigning the assessment as far in advance as possible prior to when the students will actually need access to the document.

  • This is to allow Google enough time to generate each of the copies and delegate them to each of the assignees
  • If students try to access the assessment too quickly after it's been assigned, they may not receive the copy.
  • The more students you are assigning to, the more time you should give for Google to generate the copies.


Student Submission

  • The student will be able to edit the Google Doc directly within the assessment.
  • Hitting Exit in the upper right corner will save the assessment, but not submit.
  • To Submit, students must hit Submit Assessment at the bottom.
  • The Google Doc will automatically submit along with the student's assessment. There is no need for the student to attach it.
  • Once the assessment is submitted, students will no longer have editing rights

To allow editing rights after it has already been submitted:

  • In the Assessment Settings, make sure to check "Allow Multiple Attempts"
  • When the student submits the assessment, they will not regain editing rights until their first attempt has been graded by the teacher.


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