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Filter Document Sharing Emails
Filter Document Sharing Emails

Clear (remove) Google Doc sharing notifications from your Inbox.

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When you use a rubric assessment to make a copy of a Google doc for each student, you will receive an automated "transfer of ownership" email notification from Google Drive when each student's assessment is graded. In order to prevent these emails from overwhelming your Inbox, you can create rules in Gmail or Outlook to filter those messages.



FAQ and Troubleshooting

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Why am I receiving these transfer of ownership email notifications?

When a student's rubric assessment is graded, the teacher becomes the owner of the document. This occurs so that the student is no longer able to edit the document in their own Google Drive account.

Is there any scenario in which I will not receive transfer of ownership emails when using the make a copy for each student option in a rubric?

If "Allow Multiple Attempts" is selected in the assessment settings, students will not lose editing rights. In this scenario, emails will not be sent, because ownership is never transferred. Learn more about student and teacher editing rights here.

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