The Student Portfolio is a place to keep items of student work, including assessments, blog posts, artifacts, and uploads

This article will show you how to:

  • View the Student Portfolio.
  • Add an Item to the Portfolio.
  • Add an Assessment to the Portfolio.
  • Add a Blog Post to the Portfolio.


Viewing the Student Portfolio

Step 1: Navigate to the Classes module
Step 2: While on the Students page, click the student's name.

Step 3: Select Content
Step 4: Click on Portfolio to expand the view to see all items added to the portfolio (the default view will show only the more recent three additions)


Adding an Item

Step 1: Once in the portfolio, click on + Add Item.

Step 2: Enter the Title, Class, Submission Date (required)
Step 3:
Add a Comment (optional)
Step 4: Click the upload to Portfolio button
Step 5: select the type of file you want to add.

Note: Make sure to click Save on the next two screens to add the item.


Adding Assessments 

  • Look for the STAR icon when viewing any assessment. Clicking the STAR icon will add that assessment to the portfolio
  • Note - the STAR icon is in many places throughout the assessment viewing and grading process. You can select/deselect the STAR icon in any view:


Adding a Blog Post

Step 1: Select Blog on the left hand side of your screen.
Step 2: Choose Class Feed. Note: You are able to toggle between classes in the drop down menu next to Create Post.
Step 3: Locate the blog you'd like to add, click on the three dots (ellipsis)
Step 4: Select Add to Portfolio.


Click the button below to see how STUDENTS can view and add items to their portfolio.

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