The Student Portfolio is a place to keep items of student work, including assessments, blog posts, artifacts, and uploads

Viewing the Student Portfolio

Step 1: Navigate to the Classes module
Step 2: While on the Students page, click the student tile

Step 3: Select Content
Step 4: Click on Portfolio to expand the view to see all items added to the portfolio (the default view will show only the more recent three additions)


Adding Items to the Student Portfolio

Adding Assessments 

  • Look for the STAR icon when viewing any assessment. Clicking the STAR icon will add that assessment to the portfolio
  • Note - the STAR icon is in many places throughout the assessment viewing and grading process. You can select/deselect the STAR icon in any view:

Advanced and Simple Assessments

Rubric Assessments

Adding a Blog Post

Step 1: Select Blog on the left hand side of your screen.
Step 2: Choose Class Feed. Note: You are able to toggle between classes in the drop down menu next to Create Post.
Step 3: Locate the blog you'd like to add, click on the three dots (ellipsis)
Step 4: Select Add to Portfolio.

Adding an Item

Step 1: Once in the portfolio, click on + Add Item.

Step 2: Enter the Title, Class, Submission Date (required)
Step 3:
Add a Comment (optional)
Step 4: Click the upload to Portfolio button
Step 5: select the type of file you want to add.

Note: Make sure to click Save on the next two screens to add the item. 


Click the button below to see how STUDENTS can view and add items to their portfolio.

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