To find questions associated with an Inspect item passage, follow these steps:

From the home screen, select Assessments and then select Create Assessment. You can also add items from the inspect bank into assessments that have already been created (under drafts.)

Each Inspect Item is tagged with a Passage Id. You can view the associated item tags by clicking "All Tags" to the right of the Item. 

Once you find the passage id, copy and paste the id into the  "Find by Tag" search field as shown in the video below.

If the Inspect Passage id is valid, your passage id will appear in a popup below the search field. Select the passage id in the popup and click Search. 

All items associated with that passage will appear in your search. 

*After you add the item to your assessment, the inspect ID will appear in front of the question text as record of what inspect item you used! *

Click here for more information about our Inspect Item bank partner. 

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