The Plus (+) Assessment feature allows teachers to quickly enter data for assessments you’ve given outside of Otus (observation, exit, slip, etc.. ) and connect it to standards. This assessment is created directly in the points or standards gradebook.

*please note - the process for adding a plus assessment is the same for the points and standards gradebook.

Step 1: Navigate to the Gradebook Module
Step 2: Select the + symbol just above the First Name column

Step 3: Fill out the assessment information.

  • Assessment Title: type in the title of your assessment
  • Type: choose from the various assessment types available
  • Points: determine the number of points it is worth (this is not an option in the standards gradebook).
  • Link Standards: choose which standard(s) to link the assessment to (this is required in the standards gradebook, but not required in the points gradebook).
  • Submission Date: similar to a due date - it is a date stamp for when the assessment was entered into the gradebook. You can future or past date if you wish.
  • Add to: choose the class or classes you wish to assign it to
  • Include Score in Final Grade: toggle off if you don't want this assessment to be included in the calculation in the student's final overall grade (this is not an option in the standards gradebook).


Plus Assessment FAQs

  • How do I assign a Plus Assessment? A Plus Assessment is assigned upon creation - there is no extra step to assign the assessment after you click Save.
  • How do I assign a Plus Assessment to only specific students? You can do this through the Manage Assignees section after the Plus Assessment has already been created. Check out this article for more information.
  • How do I edit a Plus Assessment? Navigate to your Assigned Assessments page, click on the ellipsis to the right of the assessment, and select Edit. This will allow you to edit the title, category, number of points, standards attached, and submission date.
  • How do I grade a Plus Assessment? If it is in your points gradebook, check out this article. If It is in your standards gradebook, check out this article.
  • How do I unassign a Plus Assessment? Check out this article to learn how to unassign the assessment.
  • Can I clone a Plus Assessment? Since Plus Assessments are never actually in draft form, they are unable to be cloned. Creating a Plus Assessment is such a quick and easy process, therefore, making a new Plus Assessment with the same settings won't take long at all!
  • Can I assign a Plus Assessment to additional classes after it's been created? Additional classes can't be added to a Plus Assessment that has already been created. You will need to create a new Plus Assessment in the correct gradebook and select any additional class you'd like to be included from the dropdown menu.
  • I accidentally gave a grade to a student that I need to delete - how to I remove the grade without making it a 0? You can unassign and reassign the assessment to that student. That is done through the Manage Assignees section. Check out this article for more information.
  • How can I use Plus Assessment for extra credit? Make the assessment worth 0 points. This is only available in the points gradebook.


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