Our Simple Assessment module is for teachers who want to create an assessment quickly with few customization options.  When you're building a simple assessment, you are limited to simple item types: multiple choice, short answer, and true/false.  Each item can be tied to one (or more) standard(s) and assigned a point value. 

To create a simple assessment, click Assessments from your home screen.

From here, click on Create Assessment.

Hover over the assessment types to see more information about what types of assessments you can create. Here, you will choose Simple.
         *note - based on your district settings, the Bubble Sheet icon may or may not be           an available option.

Be sure to name, categorize, and select a grading scale for your assessment.  
Note: If you want to change the grading scale after creating the assessment, you may Clone it and update the grading scale, within certain parameters. Click here and scroll down to Grading Scale for more information.

Now, you can begin creating simple items.  To add an item, click + Add Question.  

From there, you can select which item type you'd like to create: Multiple Choice, True/False, or Short Answer.


In all 3 question-type bodies, you will be able to attach or record an image, audio, video, or youtube link by clicking the applicable icon in the bottom right corner of the question stem.

*The max upload size is 30 mb.

For Multiple Choice

  • Create your question in the large question box.  You have access to basic text editing tools like bold, italic, and underline.  There is a character limit of 300. 
  • Make sure to fill in the multiple choice options, and check the box next to the option that is correct.  You can add more multiple choice options with the + Answer Option.  You can add up to 10 answer choices, and there is a character limit of 50 character for each answer.
  • To remove multiple choice options, click the red trash icon next to it.  You may link standards to each item; to do so, click Link Standards within the question box.

Lastly, make sure to assign points to the question right next to the save button.  When you're finished, click Save.

For True/False

Create your question in the large question box.  Make sure to click whether the answer is True or False, and to assign points next to the Save button.  If you wish to link standards, click on Link Standards within the question box.  When you're finished, click Save.

For Short Answer

Short answer is the only subjective item you can create in Simple Assessment, meaning that if you want to add a short answer question to your assessment, you'll want to make the time to manually grade those answers for each student.  

  • Ask your short answer question in the Question box. There is a character limit of 300.
  • Link standards if you'd like.
  • Assign a point value.
  • Click Save.
  • Student answers have a character limit of 1000.

Once you've created all of your items, you can edit the assessment as a whole.

Hover over each question to view the following options:

  1. Paper Icon - This will create a copy of your question.
  2. Pencil Icon - Will allow you to edit the item, answer choices, point value, and linked standards.
  3. Trash Icon - Will allow you to delete the item.
  4. Arrow cursor - Will allow you to rearrange the order of the item in your assessment.

To assign the assessment to your class immediately, click Assign in the top right corner.  Otherwise, click Save & Exit to save your work.

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