With a recent update, we've made searching Inspect Item Bank items much easier! 

Click HERE for a video that goes over some of our new search features.

While creating an Item Based Assessment, you have many options to search the Inspect Item Bank. 

To access the Inspect Item Bank within your Assessment Builder, click on the dropdown that says My Items and select Inspect Items.

By clicking the checkboxes, you can narrow your Inspect Item Search by:

-Subject (Ex. ELA, Math, Science, History)
-Language (English or Spanish)
-Depth of Knowledge ( Recall, Skill/Concept, or Strategic Thinking)
-Revised Bloom's Taxonomy

Click More to see more categories.

Click Search by Standards to search for items aligned to state or Common Core standards.

Below is a deprecated  way to search by tags in the Inspect Item Bank:

Otus’ new Assessment module now provides users with a bank of more than 80,000 items to choose from when building unique, interactive, and powerful assessments for students.

Questions in the Otus item bank are tagged by:

  • Grade Level
  • Language: English or Spanish
  • Subject: ELA, Math, History, and Science
  • Common Core State Standard
  • Depth of Knowledge

You may open the shared document below in a separate browser tab or window. Each shared document has organized item tags for each grade level and subject.

Common Core ELA & Math Standards:

Kindergarten Item Tags

First Grade Item Tags

Second Grade Item Tags

Third Grade Item Tags

Fourth Grade Item Tags

Fifth Grade Item Tags

Sixth Grade Item Tags

Seventh Grade Item Tags

Eighth Grade Item Tags

California History Standards:

Fifth Grade Item Tags

Sixth Grade Item Tags

Seventh Grade Item Tags

Eighth Grade Item Tags

In order to search for items when building an assessment, select Inspect Items from the middle of the page.

Select the desired category (grade level, subject, language, or common core state standard) from the table of contents in the shared document. Copy and paste the Item Tag from the shared document into the Find By Tags field in Otus. After entering all desired tags into the Find By Tags field, select Search.

Scroll down the page, and select the title of any item in order to preview the item. If desired, select Add in order to add the item to the assessment.

Congratulations! You have successfully searched for and added item bank questions to your assessment in Otus!

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