The Otus Student Performance Platform enables educators and administrators to upload aimsweb assessment data for students.   This student information can be uploaded and viewed within the Analytics, 3rd Party module of the platform.

To integrate your student aimsweb data, select Analytics from the left hand menu. If you are uploading aimsweb data for the first time, click the tile labeled 3rd Party resource.  

Choose AIMSweb from the product list and click the arrow to the right. 

The next few screens will provide you with the option to download an aimsweb template as well as a screen to upload your for individual testing terms. 

After you have prepared your aimsweb template, click the upload aimsweb CSV Template button and select the appropriate file from your computer. You can upload multiple terms at a time before clicking the arrow to the right. The file upload date and title will appear once the file has successfully uploaded. 

You can manage and upload new aimsweb data by selecting the gear icon located in the upper right hand corner of the aimsweb tile. 

Congratulations!  You have successfully completed the aimsweb Integration process. 

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