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Manage NWEA MAP Data in 3rd Party Analytics
Manage NWEA MAP Data in 3rd Party Analytics

How to upload, analyze, and use NWEA MAP data in 3rd Party Analytics.

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Otus enables educators and administrators to upload NWEA Map assessment data for students. This student information can be uploaded and viewed within the Analytics, 3rd Party module of the platform.

Analyze NWEA Map Data

  • Step 1: From the Analytics module, select 3rd Party.

  • Step 2: Click on the Map Growth tile.

If you are in an admin account, the Analytics module is located second from the top. The above image was taken from within a teacher's account.

  • Step 3: Choose your Date Range, Filters, Discipline, and Grown Comparison Period.

The data is presented in three ways:

Mathematics and Reading Summary Data

These summaries details the count of students, the district mean RIT for the selected criteria, norm mean RIT for the selected criteria, and the average time spent on the assessment.

  • If you select View all uploaded NWEA student data, you will see ALL uploaded student data and the filters will be disabled.

  • If you selected a growth comparison period that involves a range (for example, Spring 2018 - Spring 2019), you will see two pie charts; one for the percent who met and exceeded their RIT, and one for the percent projected proficiency.

  • Select the See Instructional Area Scores to to view student performance based on a strand. 👇

  • Select any portion of the pie chart to open a list of students that fall in that category. Select Manage Groups to add all of those students to a group (or create a new group). 👇

Group Performance

This section displays a table that will show a list of students that have fallen into each 10-point range.

  • Select a range from the left side to see the students that fell into the range.

  • You can select multiple students using the checkboxes and add them to groups by selecting Add to Groups.

  • For Mathematics specifically, you can also Link to Khan Math Resources. More information can be found here!

Student Performance

This includes a list of students in alphabetical order that shows their grade level, discipline, test type, RIT score, and test time.

  • Select any student to see a more detailed breakdown of their scores (similar to what is shown in the student profile).

Upload NWEA Data

There are two ways to upload the data:

  • Otus uploads the data for you. Please email us at or contact your Client Experience Partner to let us know that you would like to have NWEA data uploaded. This can also be automated, so you won't need to continuosly share data with us. You can also check out this video from our Otus Live series for more information on how to share 3rd party data with Otus.

  • Main Administrators upload the data. The data can be uploaded from the Main Administrator can upload the data, without needing to send it to us. The steps below will help with this option!

Click to see how to manually upload your NWEA data.

Step 1: Access Analytics

  • Navigate to the Analytics module. By default you will land on the 3rd Party Data page.

Step 2: Add a New Tile (if needed)

  • If this is the first time you've uploaded NWEA data you will need to create a new tile.

  • Find the + Add New tile at the end of the list. Select this tile.

Step 3: Choose the Company

  • Select NWEA map from the product list and click the arrow to the right.

Step 4: Download and Complete the Template

  • Download Otus' NWEA template before heading to the screen where you'll be able to upload data for individual testing years.

Step 5: Upload the Completed Template

  • Click the upload button next to the year and in the season column from which the data were collected, then select the appropriate file from your computer to upload. (You can upload multiple years at a time before clicking the arrow to the right). Any icon with an 'up' arrow indicates a season that's ready to receive data, while a 'document' icon with an X will appear next to the terms that have already been successfully uploaded*. (*Note: clicking on a 'document' icon will give you the option to remove that dataset.)

Add Additional Data

You can manage and upload new NWEA data by selecting the ellipsis located in the upper right hand corner of the NWEA tile and choosing Manage Uploads. This will allow you to add additional data.

Otus Live Video

Click to see a video from our Otus Live video series on how to analyze NWEA data in Otus.

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