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What is an iFrame?

iFrame stands for Inline Frame. It is an HTML document embedded inside another HTML document on a website. It is a way to embed content from your favorite websites and instructional tools, including Nearpod, Kahoot, Desmos, Eduzzle, Duolingo, and more. Students will be able to access the content of these websites directly within an Otus Advanced Assessment, without needing to visit the source website!

Where in Otus can I use an iFrame?

Using iFrame in an Advanced Assessment

Any question in an Advanced Assessment that contains a text editor will have the ability to embed an iFrame.

  • Step 1: Click on the HTML icon.

  • Step 2: Copy and paste the following text into the HTML Editor Tool :

                    <iframe height="700px" src="URL" window.screen.availWidth"></iframe>

  • Step 3:  Copy and paste the URL of the site you’d like to embed to replace the URL portion of the above text.

  • Step 4: Select OK.

Please note: Some websites do not allow themselves to be embedded. 

Your students will now be able to use the resource directly within the assessment!

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