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Administrator Activity Dashboard
Administrator Activity Dashboard

View high level insights on how your district is using Otus.

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The Activity Dashboard is the home page for an administrator account in Otus. It provides high level insights in the form of interactive charts for logins, assessment data, standards data, Plans, and 3rd Party.

This data can be filtered by Site or by time frame in the upper right corner.


The Logins section will show you a breakdown of the users that are logging in based on their account type (admin, teacher, student, and family). Each of these three graphs allows you to hover over any component to see the number of users that account for that section.

Each user is counted only once per day in the Unique Logins graph. For example, if a user logins in multiple times in one day, that counts as one "unique" login.


The Assessments section displays data related to assessments given in Otus, including standards performance.

Assessments Over Time

This graph displays the number of assigned and graded assessments.

Assessments Over Time by Type

This graph displays the number of each type of assessments were assigned; Simple, Rubric, and Advanced.

Most Attempted Standards

This graph displays the standards that have been attempted the most. You can hover over any bubble to see the description of the standard. The relative size of the bubble is based on how many times that particular standard has bee assessed versus the others.

Standards Attempted Over Time

This graph displays how many standards attempts have occurred over the given time frame.


The Plans section displays data related to the Plans that are being used in your district.

Note - this section is only available to those districts using Plans. If your district is interested in using Plans, please reach out to your Otus CXP.

Plans with Recently Added Students

See which plans have had students added to them most recently. There is not a limit to the number of Plans that appear on this graph; any plan that has had students added during the time frame selected will appear here.

Plans Updated Over Time

See how many Plans have been updated in a given month (months are along the horizontal axis).

Students Exited from Plans

See how many students have either completed a Plan or been removed from a Plan in a given month (months are along the horizontal-axis).

3rd Party

The 3rd Party section displays how many 3rd party data sets have been uploaded based on the time frame selected in the upper-right corner. The lists to the right show which 3rd party data sets have been updated, and when they were last updated.

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