Automate iReady Data into Otus

How to set up the automation for iReady data into the 3rd Party Analytics module of Otus.

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We are excited to share that Otus has automated the iReady data sharing process for districts. Once configured, your team will no longer need to manually share iReady data with the Otus team. iReady data will be available to view in Otus by end of day on the first Monday of the month after the data was collected by iReady.

To begin the connection, reach out to your iReady account manager at Curriculum Associates, and make sure to copy us ( on the communication. Curriculum Associates and us will take it from there! Below is a sample email you can send to Curriculum Associates:

Hello <Rep’s Name>

<District Name> would like to give our permission to partner with Otus and have our iReady diagnostic data shared to their SFTP. I have included the Otus team on this email so we can go ahead get this process started. Please let me know what else I need to do on my end to get this going.


<District Rep>

Please note: Curriculum Associates may request that the district complete a Data Sharing Consent form in order for data to be shared with Otus.

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