Automate Kelvin Data into Otus

How to set up the automation for Kelvin data into the 3rd Party Analytics module of Otus.

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If your school uses Kelvin data, there is a way to automate the process of getting that data into the 3rd Party Analytics module of Otus. Follow these steps below to access the credentials needed to establish the automation process.

  • Step 1: Login to your Kelvin account as a System Administrator. System Admins are the only ones that can generate tokens from the "settings" page.

  • Step 2: Select API tokens.

  • Step 3: Select "Generate New Token" button (top left).

  • Step 4: Enter a note to identify what the token is being used for. Then select "Generate Token".

  • Step 5: Copy the token. Kelvin will not be able to recover the token, so keep it safe.

❗ Notes:

  • If you need to revoke access for a token, you can delete it from the API Access Tokens list page.

  • If you lose a token and need to regenerate one, you have to delete the old token and create a new one following the steps above.

  • Step 6: Send an email to to obtain a secure file sharing link to share the information with us.

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