We are excited to share that Otus has automated the NWEA data sharing process for districts. Once configured, your team will no longer need to manually share NWEA data with the Otus team. NWEA data will be available in Otus the week following your district’s defined testing window end date.

In order to move forward with this set up, we will need the following information:

  1. NWEA Account and Credentials for the Otus team’s use. This new account/user needs to have the District Assessment Coordinator role. These credentials will be used to schedule exports from NWEA to Otus and should not be used by other members of the district.

    1. Username: OtusDistrictName

    2. Password: Please contact us to discuss the password and to share it with us in a secure manner.

  2. Future testing window end dates for SY 21-22

    1. If you’ve already administered BOY and MOY assessments, we would only need EOY at this point and would request all testing window dates for SY 21-22 when those become available.

Please let us know once the NWEA account is active so we can proceed with the set up. If you have any questions, we are here to help!

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