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Are you having some trouble with your standards gradebook? You have come to the right place. Take a look at these troubleshooting tips and tricks to ensure sure you are navigating your standards gradebook properly.

Note: By default, the standards gradebook displays the following:

  • All standards assessed on any assessment with a due date in the current grading period.

  • The default mastery setting chosen by the district in the Main Admin account.

  • The default grading scale that is listed first in the alphabetical list of available grading scales.

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Locate My Grades

Within the standards gradebook, there are a few filters that may be causing you to not see your standards data. Here are some places to check!

1. Class Selection

Be sure you are viewing the correct class from within the class dropdown list.

2. Standards Gradebook

To view assessed standards, you must be in the standards gradebook, not the points gradebook.

3. Standards Filter

Select "Filter Standards" to ensure that the standard(s) you are trying to view is/are selected.

4. Assessment Filter

Select "Filter Assessments" to ensure that the assessment(s) you are trying to view is/are selected.

5. Grading Scales

Many Districts have multiple grading scales turned on. You may need to toggle to the correct grading scale to locate the standards you have assessed.

6. Grading Periods:

If your district has academic sessions (grading periods) in place, you will have the option to toggle between them. Ensure you are viewing the correct grading period to see your standards data.

💡 Tips from the Otus Team:

  • The gradebook is based on the due date of an assessment. The assessment's due date determines which grading period the standard performance falls into.

  • If an assessment does not have a due date, the graded date is used instead.

Gradebook Grades Do Not Match Report Cards

1. Mastery Settings

In the Standards Gradebook, many districts have multiple Mastery Settings enabled. You may see options such as Mean, Mode, Most Recent, Highest, and Decaying Average. Each of these options will calculate the standards data differently. Ensure you are viewing the gradebook using the same Mastery Setting that your district had selected when running the report cards.

2. Additional Filters

Any of the filters mentioned above may lead to gradebook grades not matching report card grades. Be sure to view all filtering options to ensure you have the same filters in place that the gradebook was generated with.

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