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Student Guide: Review Your Graded Assessment
Student Guide: Review Your Graded Assessment

Learn how to review your assessments that have already been graded.

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As soon as an assessment is graded, you will be able to view your score in your assessments list. Teachers also are able to provide you with the opportunity to review your assessment to see what questions you got wrong.

1️⃣ Find the assessment.

  • First, select the Assessments module.

  • Next, click on any assessment that says Graded.

2️⃣ Click on the Review button.

What if you don't see a "Review" button?

That means your teacher is not allowing this assessment to be reviewed.

3️⃣ Review your assessment.

  • Each assessment type looks a little different.

  • You may be able to see both your answers and then the correct answers, or you might only see your answer choices. That's based on the settings your teacher chose.

  • Ask your teacher if you have any questions.

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