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This article will show you how to view the recognitions a student has been given.
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Giving recognitions is a way for teachers and administrators to identify behaviors or characteristics for a given student. They are completely customizable, can be positive or negative, and can be given at both the district level and classroom level.

There are two ways to view the recognitions a student has been given.

To see the recognitions for an individual student, head to their student profile. You will be able to see the recognitions that student has earned from all of their classes here.

To see recognition information for multiple students/classes at once, you can run a Recognitions Report in the Analytics module. This report will also show you details such as how often you give recognitions, the percentages of what type of recognitions you give, and other metrics related to recognitions.

💡 Tip from the Otus Team: You will only be able to see the recognitions for your class(es) when in Analytics. If you want to see recognitions given to your students from other teachers, you'll want to go to their student profile.

View Individual Student Recognitions

You can view an individual student's recognitions from their student profile. Follow the steps below to access their student profile.

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Students tab of your Classes module.

  • Step 2: Choose the correct class from the dropdown menu.

  • Step 3: Note the Recognitions column on this page, which shows you the total number of positive and negative recognitions given to that student in the selected class only.

  • Step 4: Select the student you wish to view the recognitions for, OR select either the positive or negative recognitions symbol to be taken directly to the recognitions section.

  • Step 5: Navigate to the Reports section and choose Recognitions from the dropdown menu.

The default view will show you all of the recognitions given to this student from all of their classes. From this page you can:

  • See recognitions for a specific class by choosing a class from the dropdown menu.

  • Change the date/time stamp of a recognition. Note that you can only change the date/time stamp for the recognitions you have given, not other teachers.

  • Add a note to a recognition that you have given by selecting the ellipsis to the right of the recognition.

  • Delete a recognition that you have given.

💡 Tip from the Otus Team: If you try to delete or add a note to a recognition left by another teacher, you will get an error message or an inactive text box, respectively.

Error Message

Inactive Text Box

View Whole-Class Recognitions

Head over to the Recognitions Report article for more information!

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