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Student Guide: Add a Link to YouTube Video
Student Guide: Add a Link to YouTube Video

For students: This step-by-step article shows you how to link a YouTube video to a rubric assessment, blog, portfolio, or bookshelf.

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At times, you may need to add a YouTube video as part of an assignment in Otus. We show you the different ways of adding images below.

1️⃣ To get started, choose to add an attachment. It looks a bit different depending on where you are in Otus.

Click "Choose File" under Student Attachments.

Click on "Choose a file or drag it here."

Click + Add Item in the corner, add the details, and then click Upload to Portfolio.

Make sure you are in "My Bookshelf." Then, click the + button and choose Resource.

2️⃣ When you see the box of choices, select the YouTube icon.

3️⃣ Put the YouTube link in the top box.

4️⃣ Give your link a title in the bottom box. Then select Save.

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