With the Otus Bookshelf, students can do the following:

  • View resources shared by their teacher
  • Add resources
  • Create folders
  • Share resources with teachers only
  • Connect to their Google Drive

To View Resources Shared by their Teacher:

  • Clicking on the Bookshelf module will take them to the Shared with Me Bookshelf by default. 
  • From here, they can select any class to see the resources that have been shared with them from that teacher.

To Add Resources or Create Folders:

  • Click on My Bookshelf, then select the + icon
  • From here, students can choose to add a resource or create a folder.

To Share, Edit, Move, or Delete a Resource

  • Click on My Bookshelf, then select the ellipses to the right of the resource.
  • Share: students can ONLY share with TEACHERS, not other students.
  • Edit: students can change the title of their resource
  • Move: students can move this resource into a folder.
  • Delete: students can delete the resource. 

To Access their Google Drive

  • Select Google Drive
  • Clicking on anything here will take them directly to that item in their Google Drive.


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