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Have Students Show Work Using Drawing on an Advanced Assessment
Have Students Show Work Using Drawing on an Advanced Assessment

The Drawing question provides work space directly within the item. It includes a line tool, protractor, and free-hand writing or drawing.

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After you have created your Advanced Assessment and started to build an item, follow the steps below to use Drawing for showing work. The Drawing question type provides work space directly within the item that includes options like a line tool and protractor, as well as free-hand writing or drawing.

Step 1: Build your question.

  • Create the actual question that the student will need to show work for.

  • The example above uses the Cloze Math question type.

Step 2: Adjust the layout of the item:

  • Create columns for this item to have the work space next to the question. Do this by selecting Settings in the upper-right corner of the item.

  • The example above is using a 50 | 50 layout, but there are other options. Select Apply after you've chosen the desired layout.

Step 3: Add the work space

  • Select the gray plus sign. In the Highlight and Drawing category, choose the Highlight Image option.

  • From the Highlight and Drawing category, choose the Drawing option.

  • Type in the "question" under Compose question (or, type something such as "Show your work below").

  • Select Save. The image below shows what it will look like with the default formatting.

Step 4: Scoring Options

  • Expand the More Options menu to reveal the space to enter maximum and minimum point values.

  • You can set the Max score to 0 if the work is not worth any points.

  • If you want the students to earn points simply for showing the work, include a numerical value in both the Max score and the Minimum score if attempted field. For example, if the both the Max score and the Minimum score if attempted is set to 1, that means the question will auto-score and give the student 1 point as long as they have work in that box.

Optional Formatting Adjustments

Make it More Noticeable

If you want the work space to stick out in a way that students notice, use a background image of a solid color.

Provide a Background Image

Use a background image with a built-in structure for showing work if you want it to be more organized.

Enable Multiple Colors

You can allow the students to switch between different colors by adding more choices under the Line color options section.


  • All questions In the item stay grouped together, including the work space.

  • A score must be given (even if it is zero) in order for the assessment to be considered fully graded. In the example below, a 0 would need to be entered and saved for the score.

Other Ways to Show Work

  • Math Essay (best for math assessments) - students are given space to type out their work using a wide variety of math symbols and operations.

  • File Upload - students can attach a picture of their work by uploading an image, or taking a live picture with their device's camera.

  • Use a pre-built work page- students can show their work on a work page designed for the specific assessment. They can then turn in the work page for the teacher to reference while grading the assessment.

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