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Skyward OneRoster API Configuration
Skyward OneRoster API Configuration

Follow these instructions to generate and share your Skyward OneRoster API credentials.

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A OneRoster API Key and Secret will need to be generated and given to Otus so we can read data from via the Skyward OneRoster API. A Key and Secret is synonymous with a username and password.

Step 1: Set Up Otus as a Secured User

  1. Navigate to Product Setup > Skyward Contact Access > Security > Secured User.

  2. Click Add

  3. Select the Organization button

  4. Enter "Otus" and confirm there is not an existing entry for Otus, then click Add Entered Name to Secured Users.

  5. Enter Address information (optional) and Save.

  6. Enter Contact name, phone, and/or email (optional) and Continue Add.

  7. Enter Security Info and Save.

    • Note: Otus must be an Active Secured User but does not need any other permissions and the password will not be used.

Step 2: Generate an API Key and Secret

  1. Highlight Otus in the Secured User list and click the API button in the lower right corner of the screen.

  2. Click Generate a New Secret.

  3. Copy and paste the Key and Secret into a document. (Do not take a screenshot)

Step 3: Locate the API URL to Share

  1. Navigate to Product Setup > Skyward Contact Access > District Setup > Configuration > API Configuration.

  2. Copy the OneRoster API URL and add it to the document with the Key and Secret.

Step 3: Share the API Key, Secret, and URLs

  • Upload the document with Key, Secret, and URL to ShareFile using the secure upload link provided by Otus.

  • Your Integration Specialist or Client Experience Partner will then contact you with next steps.

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