Positive or negative behaviors can be documented in Otus using our Recognitions tool. If your school district has been collecting behavioral data in a system other than Otus, we now have the ability to upload that data to Otus

This article will help you prepare an export of your data for upload to Otus.

➡️ Filling in the Otus Template

  • Using an export of your data, you'll need to fill out a template to upload the information into Otus.

❗ Please click here to download the .CSV template that you'll use to organize your existing data.

The following fields in the template are required for upload to Otus:

✅ Unique Student Identifier

  • At least one unique student identifier should be entered in Column A, B, C, or D of the template.

  • Student Email, SIS ID, Student Number, or State ID are all examples of acceptable identifiers.

✅ Recognition 

  • This is the name of the behavior.

  • Examples: “Behavioral Warning” or "Technology Misconduct"

  • Every Recognition you are uploading data for must already be created in your Otus account and the name entered in this file must match what's in Otus. 

  • For example, in order to upload data for the behavior "Cooperative", it must be created in Otus as pictured below.

If you have not yet created District Recognitions, please click here.

✅ Teacher Email

  • The teacher email address associated with each student record must be associated with a teacher account in Otus.

✅ Class

  • The Class Name entered in Column G must match the Class Name in Otus as pictured below. This can be found in the Class Info section of any class.

✅ Date

  • Month, date, and year are required.

✅ Other Fields:

  • "Note" is an optional column in the template. This is a great place to include any details about the behavior. There is not a character limit.

Once you’ve compiled your students’ behavioral data according to the Otus template, you are ready to go!

➡️ Share the Template with the Otus Team

  • The final step is to share your data with the Otus team. Please reach out to your Otus Client Experience Partner or to clientdata@otus.com. We will provide you with a link you can use to securely share the completed .CSV file with Otus.

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