The Notification Feed is found on the Home page and includes:

  • Lessons and assessments that the student has been assigned

  • Recognitions awarded

  • Assessments that have been graded

  • Class Board posts

  • Blog posts

➡️ To Do List:

The To Do List is also on the home page, and will display where the students are in completing assigned lessons and assessments. For more information on the To Do List, click the button below!

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Assessment Notifications

Assessment notifications will generate when a student has been assigned an assessment, or when an assessment has been graded. The notification for the assessment being assigned is not active, but you can click on the graded notification to view their grade for that assessment.

Lesson Notifications

A family account will receive a notification when their student has been assigned a lesson, and when their student has completed a lesson.

Class Board Notifications

Class board notification will generate whenever the teacher has made a post on the Class Board for your student's class.  Clicking on class board notifications will take you directly to that class board post. From there, you can see only your student's comments and the teacher's comments. 

Recognition Notifications

Recognition notifications will post to your feed if a teacher or administrator gives your student a recognition. Clicking on a recognition notification will take you directly to the list of that student's recognitions.

Blog Notifications

Blog notifications will post to your feed if a post has been added to the Blog by your student or your student's teacher.

Otus Live

Below is a video from our Otus Live series on what the notification feed is telling you.

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