The Notification Feed displays any items that a student has completed or submitted. Selecting the submitted item will open it for review.

You will receive notifications for the following:


  • When a student turns in an assessment.

  • When a teacher shares an assessment with you.


  • When a student completes a lesson.

  • When a teacher shares a lesson with you.

Class Board

  • When a student comments on a class board post.


  • When another teacher assigns a recognition to one of your students.


  • When a student publishes a blog post.

Looking for information on the To Do list? This is also on the home page and will display student progress toward completing assigned lessons and class progress toward completing assessments. Check out the resource below.

Assessment Notifications

Assessment notifications will generate when a student has submitted an assessment, or when a teacher shares an assessment with you. 

  • Student completes an assessment: selecting this notification takes you directly to your assigned assessments page, where you can select the assessment and begin grading.

  • Teacher shares an assessment: selecting this notification will take you to your draft assessments page.

Note: + (Plus) Assessments are not listed on the notification feed because there is no student action involved in the submission of + (Plus) Assessments.

Lesson Notifications

There are two types of lesson notifications--one that says student(s) have completed a lesson and one that notifies you when a teacher shares a lesson with you. 

  • Student completes a lesson: selecting this notification will take you directly to that assigned lesson's progress page

  • Teacher shares a lesson with you: selecting this notification will take you directly to that lesson in your drafts.

Class Board Notifications

Selecting class board notifications takes you directly to that class board post. From there, you can see the student's comments or add a comment yourself. You will only be able to see comments from your student or from the teacher.

Recognition Notifications

Recognition notifications post to your feed if a teacher or administrator assigns a recognition to one of your students. Selecting that recognition notification takes you directly into the recognitions section of the student's profile.

Blog Notifications

Blog notifications post to your feed if a student posts on the class blog. You only see posts by your student or the teacher. Notifications are only sent when new posts are made not when students leave comments. Clicking on the notification takes you to your Blog, and from there, you can click on Class Feed to see the new posts.

Otus Live

Below is a video from our Otus Live series on the notification feed and to-do list.


  • If I unassign an assessment or lesson, will the notification be removed from the student and parent feed? Think of the notification feed as sending emails, text messages, or your social media feed. Once it's been sent, you cannot delete it from the receiver.

  • Can I delete or remove notifications that I receive on my feed? While you aren't able to delete or remove notifications, one way to stay organized is to see that they are separated by date.

  • Why isn't the notification feed available in Admin accounts? One way Admin permissions are set is by school. The Admin user has access to all classes rostered in the school or schools they have permissions for. A notification feed for an Admin user would show every action completed by every class in the school - which would be quite overwhelming and most likely not very useful! Instead, the Admin home page consists of searchable lists of the schools, students, teachers, and classes to which they have access.

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