The Bookshelf is a place for teachers to upload and distribute resources to their students. This article will provide a brief overview of the Bookshelf module, and includes links to articles that contain more detailed information.

❗First, it is important to understand the functionality of the bookshelf:

The Otus Bookshelf acts as a physical bookshelf in a classroom would: students can peruse resources uploaded to their bookshelf or open them up whenever they like. The Bookshelf is generally used for a collection of resources that the students may need to refer to repeatedly over the course of a unit or semester. In addition, teachers can use resources they've added to their bookshelf in their Lessons.

❓How is this different than an Otus Lesson?

Lessons are more akin to actual classroom activities where you're handing out specific instructions and resources that students will refer to for a targeted set of activities. You can use resources from your bookshelf in your Lessons.

➡️ How Bookshelf Works: The Basics

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My Bookshelf

All of the resources you have added will be located in the My Bookshelf section.

  • The default view will be of your All Resources page. This will show you every resources you've added to your bookshelf.

  • Each class will have its own bookshelf, which can be accessed from the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

  • Choosing a class from the dropdown menu will show you the resources that are shared with that class.

  • You can organize the resources on your bookshelf into folders.

Adding Resources

You can add several types of resources to your bookshelf.

  • Selecting the + icon will allow you to add a resource, folder, or thin CC.

Sharing Resources

You can share the resources you've added to your bookshelf.

  • You can share your resources with entire classes, individual students, groups of students, or other teachers.

Shared With Me

Any resource that has been shared with you will be located in the Shared With Me section.

  • This section is meant for you to view any resources that have been shared with you.

  • Since these resources are owned by other users, you aren't able to use these in lessons or share these with students.

  • The best way to share resources to use in activities is to share the lesson containing the activities. Sharing the lesson will automatically add all resources to the recipient's My Bookshelf section.

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