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Create and Use Bookshelf Folders
Create and Use Bookshelf Folders

How you can organize your bookshelf using folders.

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You can use folders to help organize your bookshelf. This article will show you how to create folders, as well as how to add resources to them.

Creating the Folder

💡 Tip: Add folders to the All Resources page first, then share that folder with the class.

  • Step 1: Select the + icon, then select Folder.

  • Step 2: Give the folder a title

Add Resources to the Folder

There are two ways to add a resource to a folder.

Drag and Drop

  • Step 1: Locate the resources on your bookshelf (if you haven't added it yet, check out this article to see how to add a resource).

  • Step 2: Select and hold the resource, while dragging it directly on top of the folder you wish to add it to.

  • Step 3: Open the folder by clicking on the folder icon to verify the resource has been added.

Select Move

  • Step 1: Locate the resources on your bookshelf (if you haven't added it yet, check out this article to see how to add a resource).

  • Step 2: Select the ellipsis to the right of the resource, then select Move.

  • Step 3: Select the folder(s) you would like to add the resource to.

Sharing the Folder

You can share a folder with an entire class, individual students, groups of students, or another teacher.

  • Step 1: Locate the folder on your bookshelf and select the ellipsis to the right

  • Step 2: Select Share.

  • Step 3: Select who you'd like to share the folder with.



Student Groups


Sharing with Classes/Students/Groups

  • Select the class(es)/student(s), or group(s) you'd like to share with, then click Done.

Sharing with Teachers:

  • Click Email.

  • Type in the full email address of the teacher you'd like to share it with.

  • Click SEARCH.

  • Click Share in the upper right hand corner.

Share Folder with Teacher Groups (admin only)

Are you an administrator wanting to share resources with a Teacher Group?

  • Select the Teacher Group icon, select the teacher group(s) you'd like to share with, then select Done.

💡 Tip: Any individual resources or folders that have been shared with a teacher group will be auto shared with any new teachers who are added to the group at a later time.

Otus Live Video

Click to see a video from our Otus Live series on how to organize your Bookshelf using folders and share those folders with classes or students.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Click to see FAQ and troubleshooting details.

Can I share a folder with a teacher or administrator that is outside of my district?


Can I "unshare" a folder?

Yes, just go through the same process you went through to share the folder and uncheck the class/student/group/teacher you want to "unshare" the folder with.

If I share a folder, does the recipient also get each item inside the folder?


If I add a resource to a folder I already shared, do I need to re-share the folder?

No - the new resource will automatically be added to the recipients copy of the folder as well; there is no need to re-share.

Can the recipients of a shared folder use the resources in lessons?

Because the shared resources aren't owned by the recipient, they won't be able to add them to lessons.

If I want to share an individual resource that is in the folder, do I have to share the folder as well?

Yes - if a resources is in a folder, the folder must also be shared in order to share the individual resource.

Can I organize the resources in the Shared With Me section into folders?

Since those resources are owned by others, you won't be able to organize them.

Can the recipient edit the folder they receive?

Shared Bookshelf folders cannot be edited by recipient

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