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Highlight and Drawing Questions for Advanced Assessments
Highlight and Drawing Questions for Advanced Assessments

An overview of the different types of highlight and drawing questions.

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When building an Advanced Assessment, you can create questions where students can draw, highlight parts of an image, or select parts of text.

The four questions in this category are:


The drawing question allows the student to answer a question using different drawing tools such as a compass, or straightedge (ruler) on a provided image. You can also insert a blank white space for students to show work.

Token Highlight

The Token Highlight question requires students to highlight certain words, sentences, or paragraphs by clicking on the text.


The Shading question provides a visual representation of functions and calculations, including fractions and ratios. Authors are able to format a set of cells, which are shaded by the student as their response.


The Hotspot question type allows you to upload an image and determine target regions that the students can click on as an answer.

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