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Classifying, Matching, & Ordering Questions for Advanced Assessments
Classifying, Matching, & Ordering Questions for Advanced Assessments

An overview of the different types of classifying, matching, and ordering questions you can build on Advanced Assessments.

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When building an AdvancedAssessment, you can create classifying, matching, and ordering questions.

There are four types of these questions:


This allows students to categorize a list of possible responses in the form of words or images into a table.

Match List

The Match List question type requires students to pair associated items, using one static list and one dynamic list.

Order List

Students organize a list of responses in a specified order. This question can be used to reorder words, paragraphs of text, or sentences within a paragraph.

Sort List

This allows students to arrange items into their correct order by dragging the items from the Source area to the Target area. Students can drag, highlight, and move items between/within the lists using the arrows.

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