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Multiple Choice Questions for Advanced Assessments
Multiple Choice Questions for Advanced Assessments

An overview of the different types of multiple choice questions you can build on an Advanced Assessment

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When building an Advanced Assessment, you can create multiple choice questions.

There are two types of multiple choice questions:

Basic Multiple Choice

The Basic Multiple Choice Question allows you to select one or more correct answer(s) from a number of potential answers. There are various Layout customization options in this question – block or inline, labeling, and columns.

Includes 4 Layout Options:

  • Standard

  • Multiple Response

  • True or False

  • Block Layout

Choice Matrix

The Choice Matrix requires students to evaluate one or more row items using a set of column options.

Includes 3 Layout Options:

  • Standard

  • Inline

  • Labels

Otus Live Video

Click to view a video from our Otus Live series on how to create multiple choice question in Advanced Assessments.

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