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Advanced Assessment Item Feature: Video Player
Advanced Assessment Item Feature: Video Player

How to insert a video player into your Advanced Assessment

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The Video Player is a feature that you can insert into your Advanced Assessment items. Features are like the "extras" you can add to your items. For more information on questions vs features, click here.

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The Video Player feature will embed the video into the item as a stand-alone video, not necessarily embedded into a specific question. These are added using the Video Player Feature, which is found in the Features section. If you are interested in adding a video to a specific question, click here.

Here is an example of what the video player looks like within an item:

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How to Add a Video to your Advanced Assessment

💡 Tip from the Otus Team: Rather than adding a video to an empty item, We recommend building the question first, then adding the video. If you haven't built the question yet, that's ok too, you can just add it later.

➡️ The example below shows how to add a video to an item that contains a multiple choice question. A video can be added to any item at any time.

Step 1 - Add the Feature

  • While in the item you wish to add the video to, select the + symbol to add a new feature.

  • Select the Features tab and choose the Video Player.

Step 2: Choose the Video Type and Source URL

  • If using YouTube, Vimeo, or Brightcove, copy and paste the URL into the Source URL field.

  • If using your own video file from your device (must be an mp4), select Hosted Video, select the blue + Add button next to the Source URL field. Then, select the gray + icon and find the video on your device. It may take a few moments to upload; when it is finished uploading, select OK.

Step 3: Determine Optional Settings

You can choose to add a heading or change the size of the video.

  • Heading: adding a heading will add a title to your video.

  • Size: You can adjust the size of the video by expanding the More options menu.

Step 4: Save

  • Select Save.

Step 5: Move

  • If the video is not where you'd like it, you can move it to another location in the item by selecting the drag and drop icon on the right side. See the example below.

How Students Add Videos to Advanced Assessments

Are you looking for how students can upload videos as answers to questions in an advanced assessment? Check out the link below!

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