The File Upload question type allows students to upload a file for review by the teacher. This question is non auto-scored, and there are many acceptable file types, including:


Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Open Office, MATLAB,

Altera Quartus, Verilog, V, H, C, C++, S, Assembly

Example student view:

  • Files to be uploaded must be less than 10MB.

Example grading view:

  • The upload will appear as links. When grading, the teacher will click on the links to open the file.


Adding a File Upload Question:

Step 1: From the Other category, select File Upload.

Step 2: Fill in the Compose Question area with your desired question or instructions to the student.

Step 3: Do you want your students to use their device's camera to take a live picture? Select Enable photo capture.

Step 4: Determine which file types available will be accepted, and the maximum number of files allowed. The first four are accepted by default, untick the box beside a file type to disable it or tick the box beside it to enable it. The number of maximum files ranges from 1 to 12, and is set to 12 by default. This value will be visible to the student.

Step 5: More Options...

  • Max score: The highest score that can be awarded for the response. Needs to be configured on the page by your development team.
  • Minimum score if attempted: A value indicating how many attempt marks a student will receive for attempting the question.
  • Max width: The maximum width of the file upload container.
  • Font size: Select from small, normal, large, extra large, and huge.



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