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Admin Guide for Infinite Campus Gradebook Passback
Admin Guide for Infinite Campus Gradebook Passback

Districts who use Infinite Campus SIS can pass certain Otus grades to their IC gradebook with OneRoster API

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Gradebook passback is available for Infinite Campus districts to transfer points-based assessments and scores from Otus to Infinite Campus gradebooks. Standards-based assessments cannot be passed back to Infinite Campus.

General Information

  • Assessments and grades are passed back nightly

  • Only points-based grades that are whole numbers will pass back

  • Assessment names must be less than 50 characters in length

  • Assessments need to be marked “Include Score in Final Grade” and graded in Otus to pass back

  • Any students’ scores that are marked Excluded in the Otus gradebook will not pass back

  • Any weighting of grades in Otus will not transfer to Infinite Campus. Weighting can be changed by the teacher in the Infinite Campus gradebook after the score passes back

Grade passback requires that your district has opted in to Infinite Campus's premium Campus Learning offering.

Setup Process

If you wish to set up grade passback, please contact the Otus team to schedule a meeting to review the steps. You can expect to work closely with a member of our team throughout the process.

1. Configure OneRoster & Grade Book Sync

For Otus to set up grade passback, in Infinite Campus Grading Services you will need to configure a OneRoster API connection with Grade Book Sync enabled for Otus.

Click to see the detailed process steps

💡 Tips:

  • These Infinite Campus instructions explain how to set up OneRoster API connections and enable Grade Book Sync.

  • This Infinite Campus video shows how to configure and manage OneRoster API connections.

  • If Otus already rosters your district through OneRoster API then your existing API credentials will work for grade passback and you can skip to Step 4 below.

  1. Under Grading Services in Infinite Campus you will need to configure a OneRoster API connection for Otus.

    • Otus supports OneRoster 1.1 with OAuth 2.0.

  2. Share the API Key and Secret with Otus.

  3. Share the API URLs with Otus.

    • The OneRoster (1.1) Base URL is the URL vendors use to access Campus.

    • The REST Documentation Client URL links to the REST documentation client, which documents the API and allows users to review endpoints and retrieve data.

  4. In Grading Services, ensure that the API connection has Grade Book Sync enabled.

By default, the Key and Secret expire after one year, as indicated by the Token Expiration Date. Update the expiration date if desired.

If the token expires, click Renew Secret to generate a new Key and Secret to send to Otus. Otus will not be able to connect to Campus until we receive the new Key and Secret.

2. Add Teachers to the Grade Passback Teacher Group

In order for a teacher's assessment scores to passback, the teacher must be a member of the IC Grade Passback Teacher Group in Otus.

Click for more details about the Grade Passback Teacher Group

Once your IC Grade Passback Teacher Group is created in Otus, you may add participating teachers to the group by following the steps in this article.

Teachers can be added to this group throughout the school year. Adding a new teacher to the group is all that is needed for their scores to begin passing back each night.

❗️When a teacher is added to the IC Grade Passback Teacher Group, all scores will pass back starting from the effective date or the start date of the open grading period (whichever is later).

❗️In order for grades to pass back to Infinite Campus, the user who has assigned the assessment must be included in the IC Grade Passback Teacher Group in Otus.

💡 Tips:

  • Any teacher, co-teacher, or administrator who may be assigning assessments must be added to the IC Grade Passback teacher group in Otus in order for grades to passback.

  • Assessments assigned directly to a class from an Otus Administrator (who is not in your SIS) will not passback. This assessment should be assigned to the class by the teacher or co-teacher.

3. Establish a Grade Passback Effective Date

The effective date is the date that scores will begin syncing from Otus to Infinite Campus.

  • Any assessments that have been assigned or changed on or after the effective date and within the current grading period will transfer to Infinite Campus.

  • This date can be retroactive (if the grading period is still open) or in the future.

❗️Infinite Campus will reject assessments with assign and due dates that fall within or straddle a closed grading period.

FAQ and Troubleshooting Tips

Click here to see FAQ and troubleshooting tips

Once the above information has been collected, what happens?

Once the OneRoster API configuration is completed in Infinite Campus Grading Services and the OneRoster API information has been provided to Otus, the Otus team will take it from there! You can expect the team to update you once the configuration is complete and ready for initial testing..

How does this work for teachers?

The Teacher Guide for Infinite Campus Gradebook Passback knowledge base article explains grade passback from the teachers' perspective. Please be sure to review this article and share it with participating teachers in your district. This will ensure that your team follows the correct steps to successfully utilize this feature.

How do I troubleshoot issues with grade passback?

Check the Teacher Guide for Infinite Campus Gradebook Passback article for a number of troubleshooting steps if grades are not showing up in Infinite Campus as expected.

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