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Admin Guide for Infinite Campus Gradebook Passback
Admin Guide for Infinite Campus Gradebook Passback

Districts who use Infinite Campus SIS can pass certain Otus grades to their IC gradebook with OneRosterAPI

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Districts who use Infinite Campus SIS can pass certain Otus grades to their IC gradebook with OneRosterAPI. To enable Gradebook Passback, you'll have to enable OneRosterAPI in your Infinite Campus configurations. 

The Grading Services tool allows districts to enable connections to grading services partners through the OneRoster API. Grading Services connections allow Otus to request section and roster data from Campus and send assignment, score, and grade data to Campus.

❗To access this tool, a district must have opted in to Campus Learning

Enabling Otus

To have a grading services connection to a district, Otus must:

  • Have a Status of Active

  • Receive the Key and Secret from your district.

To enable Otus, click Otus and mark Client Enabled. Save the record to make Otus active. 

Copy the Oauth Key and Secret and share with your Otus integration specialist. Also share the API URLs with your integration specialist.  Be sure to share this information, otherwise gradebook passback won't be enabled. 

By default, the Key and Secret expire after one year, as indicated by the Token Expiration Date. Update this date if desired.

Click Renew Secret at any time to generate a new key and secret to send to us. Otus will not be able to connect to Campus until we receive the new Key and Secret.


Send these URLs to Otus to use for retrieving Campus data.

  • The OneRoster (1.1) Base URL is the URL vendors use to access Campus.

  • The REST Documentation Client URL links to the REST documentation client, which documents the API and allows users to review endpoints and retrieved data.

Receiving Grades from an External System

A grading services connection allows Campus to receive assignments, scores, and grades from a vendor partner, assuming the following conditions are met:

  • Grading Window must be open for the Task/Standard.

  • Traditional Grading/Grading Tasks- If only a Percent is provided, Campus matches the value to the correct score in the Score Group aligned to the Grading Task, based on the minimum percent values entered for the Score Group. Unique Minimum Values must be entered for Score Group items. If only a Score is provided, the percent reports as null. Reported scores must exist in the aligned Score Group.If both a Percent and Score are provided, the score is not determined using the minimum percent.

  • If a due date is set, we send that.

  • If no due date is set, we send a date that is 1 week later than the start date.

  • The start date is either the date the teacher set for the assessment to go live for students or (if the teacher didn’t set a go live date) then it is the date it was assigned.

  • Otus does not pass back assessment statuses, like "missing", "late", or "excluded".

When a teacher receives assignments from an LMS, they must select categories and grading alignments for those assignments so that grades can be reported. The Uncategorized Assignments article provides instructions to teachers for completing this process.

Once pass back is configured, any assessment that is Assigned and Graded on or after the start date will be passed back to Infinite Campus. 

If you would like to prevent an assignment from being passed back after removing the grade from IC, you can uncheck the assessment setting "Include Score in Final Grade", or remove the assignment from Otus.

If it was assigned prior to the start date, it will not be passed back.

Additional Information

  • In order for grades to pass back to your SIS, the user who has assigned the assessment must be included in the Gradebook Passback Teacher Group in Otus. We recommended that any teacher, co-teacher, or administrator, who may be assigning assessments are added to the Gradebook Passback Teacher Group in Otus.

  • Assessments assigned directly to a class from an Otus Administrator (who is not in your SIS) will not passback to the gradebook. This assessment should be assigned to the class by the teacher.

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