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Teacher Guide for Infinite Campus Gradebook Passback
Teacher Guide for Infinite Campus Gradebook Passback

Districts who use Infinite Campus SIS can pass certain Otus grades to their Infinite Campus gradebook

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This article contains a list of questions and answers that will help teachers understand the Otus to Infinite Campus gradebook passback setup.

When are the grades sent from Otus to Infinite Campus?

Otus will send grades nightly to Infinite Campus when the following criteria are met:

  • You are a member of the grade passback teacher group in Otus.

  • The assessment is points-based.

  • The assessment's "Include Score in Final Grade" setting is checked.

  • All items in the assessment are graded or the due date is reached for ungraded assessments.

If you would like to prevent an assessment from being passed back (e.g. if you want to remove grades from Infinite Campus and not have Otus resend them), you can take any of these steps:

If you adjust assessment settings to "Include Score in Final Grade" after it has been assigned, scores for students that are not Excluded will be sent to Infinite Campus after the nightly sync.

What grades pass back?

  • Only points-based grades pass back to Infinite Campus. If you selected a standards-based grading scale for your assessment, that data will not pass back to Infinite Campus.

How does the assessment due date affect grade pass back?

  • Infinite Campus requires a due date in order to process your assessments. If the assessment has a due date, Otus will use that date. If the assessment does not have a due date, Otus will calculate a due date of one week after the assigned date.

  • If the assessment due date falls outside of an open grading period, even though Otus sends the assessment scores they will be rejected by Infinite Campus.

How do I change a grade after it has been passed back?

  • We recommend that you change the grade in Otus. If the change is made in Infinite Campus and not Otus, the grade book sync will overwrite your changes in Infinite Campus.

If I have my gradebook in Otus weighted, will that pass back?

  • Gradebook weighting does not transfer between Otus and Infinite Campus. If you do weight your gradebooks, we recommend that you set up the weighting in both systems to match.

Will Otus assessment status (missing, late, excluded) pass back to Infinite Campus?

  • Otus does not pass back assessment statuses. Adjustments to assessment status can be made directly in the Infinite Campus gradebook after the scores pass back.

Why aren't my grades showing up in Infinite Campus?

There are a few things to consider:

  • Check with your Otus Main Admin to ensure that you are in the grade passback teacher group.

  • Assessments sent from Otus need to be assigned a category in your Infinite Campus gradebook in order for the grades to appear.

  • Infinite Campus will reject scores if the assessment due date:

    • falls outside of an open grading period

    • occurs before the assessment assigned date

  • Otus sends grade information to Infinite Campus each night. If you entered or modified the grade in Otus later in the evening, that change may have occurred after the sync already started.

  • It could be that the assessment has an open-ended item that needs to be graded before the assessment is considered fully graded.

  • If you haven't graded anything yet and the due date has not been reached, then Otus doesn't have anything to send yet.

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