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Exclude Assessments from the Final Grade Calculation
Exclude Assessments from the Final Grade Calculation

Assessments can be removed from the overall total points of the gradebook.

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There may be times when you don't want to include an assessment in the calculation of the final grade. This process is different for the assessments view and the standards view. Here you'll learn how to handle points-based assessments in the assessments view.

Excluded assessments will not be included in the final grade for the class and therefore will not be included on the printed report cards.

Excluding a Points-Based Assessment

There are two options for excluding an assessment from the overall grade:

From the Assessment Settings

  • When assigning the assessment, the assessment will be included in the the final grade by default. Uncheck the box for Include Score in Final Grade to exclude the assessment from the final grade calculation.

  • This will automatically assign a status of Excluded to all students assigned the assessment.

  • For + (Plus) Assessments: This process is slightly different for + (plus) assessments. When you create the + assessment, toggle the "Include Score in Final Grade" option off.

💡Tip: The assessment will still be visible in the gradebook. Students and parents will see a column for the assessment and the assessment score, but it will not be calculated into the student's final grade. In addition, the assessment will not be listed on the To Do list.

From the Gradebook

You can exclude a student's score from the final grade calculation in the assessments view.

  • Step 1: Select the checkbox next to the students you wish to exclude.

  • Step 2: Double-click the status of the first student you checked.

  • Step 3: Choose Excluded from the dropdown.

💡Tip: You can exclude all students by selecting the checkbox next to First Name at the top-left corner of the gradebook and then following the same steps as above.

Excluding a Standards-Based Assessment

When assigning a standards-based assessment, there is no option to Include Score in Final Grade. Instead do not attach standards to the assessment. Here's how it works:

  • The overall standard score in the standards view is determined by each attempt at a particular standard. If the assessment isn't linked to any standards, the results will not count as attempts for that standard and will not factor into the student's overall standard performance.

  • When you assign an assessment that doesn't have any standards attached, you will see the message below. That's ok! You can still assign the assessment without standards. This message is simply reminding you that you don't have any standards linked.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Click to see FAQ and Troubleshooting Details.

If an assessment is excluded from the gradebook, will it appear on report cards? No. Excluded scores are not included on report cards.

If an assessment is excluded from the gradebook, can I still view that assessment data in assessment analytics? Yes. You will still be able to view the assessment data in assessment analytics.

If an assessment is excluded from the gradebook, will it appear on the To Do list? No. Excluded scores are not listed on the To Do list.

What's the difference between excused and excluded?

There is no difference in the funtionality. Either status will remove the points for that assessment from the total points calculation. However, the excused status is not automatically given under any circumstance; it has to be manually selected by the teacher.

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