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Use Audio on Advanced Assessments
Use Audio on Advanced Assessments

Easily add audio to items in your Advanced Assessment.

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Do you want to include videos in your advanced assessment? You've come to the right place!


  • Acceptable file types: mp3 (5mb max file size).

  • Can record directly into the assessment using Method 1 (max length is 10 minutes).

There are two methods for adding a video into an Advanced Assessment:

  • Method 1: Using the Simple Feature: this allows you to record live audio directly into the content of a question so that it appears along with the question. These are added using the Rich Text Toolbar, so they can appear in any question type.

  • Method 2: Using the Audio Player Feature: this will embed the audio into the item as stand-alone audio, not necessarily embedded into a specific question. For this method, you can only use a pre-recorded audio file or URL. These are added using the Audio Player Feature, which is found in the Features section. Please note - only audio files can be used with this option. If you want to record your own audio directly into the assessment, please use method 1.

Method 1: Using the Simple Feature

  • Step 1: While composing the question in the Rich Text Toolbar, select the Simple Feature icon.

  • Step 2: Choose Audio from the left side.

  • Step 3.1: If uploading an existing audio recording, select Upload Audio. Then, select the gray + icon and find the video on your device. It may take a few moments to upload; when it is finished uploading, select OK.

  • Step 3.2: If recording new audio, select Record Audio, then, select the microphone icon to begin recording. When you are finished, select Finish. Once you are satisfied with your recording, select OK.

  • Step 4: Choose which style to present the audio in (optional), or preview your audio. When you are satisfied, select OK.

  • Step 5: Continue adding content to the question you are building. The audio will appear as a component in the question (the audio will appear in full when you save the question).

What does "playback limit" mean? If you only want the student to play the audio a certain amount of times, you can enter a number into the Playback Limit field.

Method 2: Using the Audio Player Feature

This option has it's own article; click below for more information!

How Students Add Audio Recordings to Advanced Assessments

Are you looking for how students record audio as answers to questions in an advanced assessment? Check out the link below!

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