Now that you've started to build an advanced assessment, you may want to add a Label Image With Drag & Drop question.

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In the Label Image With Drag & Drop question, the student drags answers from a list and drops them to the response box positioned on an image.


Build the Question

If you are creating a new item, select the + Create button on the assessment builder, title the item, then select the Add New plus sign to add a question.

If you are adding to an existing item, simply select the Add New plus sign (as shown above) to add a question to the item.

Next, select the Fill in the Blanks (Cloze) category from the options on the left, then select Label image with drag & drop.

Step 1: Compose Question

  • Compose Question: Type question prompt into this field.

  • You have many formatting options from the Rich Text toolbar, including changing the font size, adding tables, using math symbols, adding multimedia, and more! Click here for more information on the different functions of the Rich Text toolbar.

  • Image Preview: Select Edit to upload an image as the label template

  • (Optional) Text on Hover: Upon hovering the mouse pointer over the image, text in this box will appear. Image alternative text: for students with accessibility needs, this field can be used to describe the content of the image in some detail.

Step 2: Add Answer Content

  • Response containers: Drag the numbered response fields into their appropriate positions.

  • (Optional) Pointers tab: Choose to add an arrow to any response container. Options are None (default), Top, Right (shown in image above), Bottom, Left.

  • (Optional) Delete: Removes the selected response container.

  • (Optional) Fill color: Adjusts background color of response container (default is white)

  • (Optional) Maximum responses per container: Type a number into this field to allow the requisite number of responses allowed in each container (default is 1).

  • Possible responses: Type in the desired multiple-choice answers into the fields.

  • (Optional) Drag handle: Rearrange menu choices.

  • (Optional) Trash: Delete response option.

  • (Optional) Add button: Add more possible responses.

Set Correct Answers and Scoring

  • Point(s) field: Enter the full point value for getting this answer correct (see More options section below for information about Alternate answers)

  • Answer fields: Drag answers from below into the correct fields.

  • (Optional) Duplicate responses: Enable this if answers can be used more than once. For example, if this question was instead intended for students to identify countries based on the predominant language:

  • (Optional) Show drag handle: Enables or disables a "handle" icon within each possible response.

  • (Optional) Transparent possible responses: Enables or disables white text box and black border around each possible response.

Student Preview

It's highly recommended to Preview the question before adding it to the assessment. This displays the question as the students will see it and also verifies that the answers and scoring work as expected.

Step 1: Select the Preview button to go into Preview mode

Step 2: Answer the question with the correct answers, including alternates.

  • (Optional) Show Answers: Checking this box will display the correct answers below

Step 3: Verify that the auto-score correctly calculates the point value (in this example, 1/1)

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More Options

Alternate answers: If alternate answers are acceptable, click the + button. Each set of alternates can be valued at different point levels (but Correct must be the highest point value).

Unscored/Practice usage: Removes point value for this question.

Check answer button: Adds a button that allows students to check if their answers are correct.

Penalty points: Rather than not receiving credit for incorrect answers, an incorrect answer will deduct points instead.


  • Exact match (Default): All parts of the answer must be correct to be awarded credit.

  • Partial Match Per Response: Each correct answer will be awarded the full credit designated in the Set correct answer(s) field. (In this example with three answers, awarding 1 point per correct answer, adding up to as many as 3 total points).

  • Partial Match: Each correct answer will be awarded partial, proportional credit designated by the Set correct answer(s) field. (In this example with three answers, 1/3 point per correct answer, adding up to 1 total point).


  • Response container position: Establishes the position of the response container relative to the image. In this example, the default Bottom position is shown.

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