Rather than entering grades for each individual student for each individual assessment, you may wish to enter grades for all students from one easy to use screen.

From the home screen, select Gradebook.

Select the desired class from the drop down menu.

To edit student grades and assessment status, simply double click on the desired area and input the score/choose the status! You can even select multiple students at once and award them the same points and the same assessment status. The speech bubble allows you to leave a comment for the student, as well!

If you would like to delete one of these assignments from the gradebook, here are a few articles that might help:

Delete a + Assessment from the Gradebook 

Unassign Assessments: Remove a Simple, Advanced, or Rubric Assessment from the gradebook
Manage Assignees: This article will walk you through the process of removing grades from individual students or an entire class).

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