This article will show how to mass-grade Simple, Advanced, Bubble Sheet, or + (Plus) assessments that were created using the Points grading scale. These are all mass-graded the same way.
If you want to see how to mass-grade a Rubric assessment that was created with the Points grading scale, click here.

First, if you aren't sure if the assessment was created using the Points grading scale, here's how you can check: 

  • In the Assessments module, click on Assigned and select the class you are grading.
  • Click on the ellipses to the right of the assessment you wish to grade, and select View Details. Under the Grading Scale category, it should say Points.
  • Once you've confirmed it is a point-based assessment, enter the gradebook module. Check the box next to First Name. This will select all of your students (if you wish to exclude certain students from the grade you are going to mass-assign, simply uncheck their name). 
  • Under the assessment you wish to mass-grade, double-click the first student's score. This will allow you to manually enter a grade. Type in the grade and hit enter on your keyboard. This will automatically fill in the grades for all of the students that were selected.

Here are links to mass-grade other types of assessments:

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