Choose Your Standards

By default, Otus makes all state and common core standards available to teachers.  To begin your setup, you'll want to choose the set of standards you'll be using.

To create custom standards, click here

Choose District Grading Scale 

Now that you have your standards set, you can choose one of Otus' predefined scales, or you can define your own.

Choosing your Mastery Settings

Once you've created a grading scale, you'll want to decide how you're going to calculate your standards grades, as students will most likely be graded on the same standards multiple times.   There are 5 different mastery settings you can choose from, and by default, teachers in all grade levels can choose all 5 of them when viewing standards grades:

  • Highest
  • Mean
  • Mode
  • Decaying Average
  • Most Recent

For more information on our Mastery Settings, click here.

Term Conversion

If some of your teachers will be creating assessments with traditional points and not grading on a term-based scale, you'll want to set up term conversion to convert student scores on items and questions into a scale score for the connected standard.

Standards Tags

Standards Based Report Cards

Overview of Control Center

For an overview of the entire Control Center of the main admin account, including things like Academic Sessions and Co-Admin users, check out the link below.

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