Teachers have the ability to view an individual student's progress on assessments, assignments, and standards within their account. This is a similar view to what the student will see in their Otus account. This information is great to have on hand when conferencing with students and families.

To view an individual student's gradebook information, navigate to the Gradebook module.  From here, you can use the white drop down menu to specify which class you wish to view data in.

Select the student that you would like to view by clicking the student's first or last name from the table. The individual points gradebook view will provide you with a list of assessments, type, submission status, date submitted, total points, percentages, and letter grades, which you can change by double clicking the area. 

PLEASE NOTE- If you are tracking student performance on a standard, the double clicking to quick grade will not record student progress on individual standards linked to items within the assessment. Do not use this option if you are attaching standards to items in your assessments.

Standards Gradebook

In order to view students’ standard mastery on standards assessed in your class, select the Standards tab from the Gradebook page. 

From this view, you will see the level of proficiency on all standards assessed in the selected class (sorted alphabetically from top to bottom). 

Filters you can apply:
Click the ellipses in the upper-right hand corner to apply different filters.

  • Filter Standards: Select/deselect the specific standards you want to view.
  • Filter Assessments: Select/deselect specific assessments to view the performance of standards on that assessment.
  • Mastery Settings: This determine how the performance level is calculated. The options are: Mean, Mode, Most Recent, Highest, and Decaying Average.
  • Grading Scale: This will let you navigate between custom grading scales that have been set by your district.
  • Grading Period: This will let you adjust the academic session for which you wish to view grades.
  • Download as CSV: This will export the gradebook to your spreadsheet program (Microsoft Excel, Numbers, etc...). This is what you will choose if you want to print this gradebook.

Viewing Data on a Specific Standard

To view a students data on a specific standard, select the standard and click their score. This will provide a plot graph and a bar graph to represent how many time they have attempted the standard and what mastery level they received. You can even choose to print each graph!

Exporting and Printing Gradebooks

To print either of the gradebooks, you will download the CSV.

Points Gradbook:

Standards Gradebook:

Once the CSV is downloaded, you can open the document on your computer and print! 

*What Are My Next Steps?*

After you have viewed an individual student's gradebook, there are a few things that you may want to do. Click below to learn more! 

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