Generate a large number of individualized report PDFs in your admin account by clicking on the "Analytics" tab, then "Reports".

From this page, you can title and select all the data you wish to export to a PDF for each student, as well as specify which students you wish to report for.  Make sure to add a title and select a date range. Then it's time to select which students you are reporting for.  You can narrow down students by school site, district-level flags, and individual students.

If you're only reporting class percentages with no individual assessment data, just check next to "Points Gradebook".  For students' individual scores on each assessment within the date range, you can leave "Assessment Details" checked.

If you'd also like to report standards mastery and have been assessing students with Otus Assessments that are connected to standards, check "Standard Gradebook", pick which grading scale to use, how you'd like Otus to calculate mastery (Mean, Median, Mode, Decaying Average, or Most Recent), and which standards to include in the report. 

Check the "Attendance" box if you'd like to include attendance data.

Check the "Notes" box if you'd like to include notes that teachers added to the student profile.  When a teacher adds a note to the student profile, they are given the option to include this note in reporting, so if they don't check that option, the note won't be included in the report card, even if "Notes" is checked.

Finally, you can include a footer that requires either a family signature and/or a student signature line, as well as a message field where you can add positive feedback or reminders.  

Once you're all set, scroll back up to the top, and click "Export".  A new screen will pop up and give you a timeline for when the export will be finished.  If you're exporting a lot of report cards, this can take some time, but be sure not to close out the window doing the export. When finished, a new window will open up with PDFs that you can now save and print.

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