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Webinars and other informational materials to help with implementing Otus and learning more about education

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How do Title I, II, and IV Grant Funds Apply to Otus?A few ways that Otus supports the goals of grant funding sources
Otus Certified Educator CommunityThis article includes all of the information you will need to access the Otus Certified Educator Community.
Predicting Student Outcomes with Otus and the Big FiveSocial emotional learning (SEL)
Have Report Cards Driven a Wedge Between Parents and Standards-based Grading?Overcoming obstacles when implementing standards-based grading
What Does Personalized Learning Mean to Otus?Personalized learning has nothing to do with edtech
Using Otus for School Closures/Remote Learning DaysRecommendations and resources for using Otus for remote learning days.
Case Study: Empowering Teachers with Data to Propel Student SuccessGravette School District Case Study
Learning, Together at OtusHow Otus uses the idea of "Learning, together" as an internal and external marching cry.
Five Ways to Use Otus for CommunicationOtus offers a variety of features that help ensure that the connection between home and school is strong.
Otus and Illinois HB 3606The following information details many of the ways in which Otus helps schools comply with HB 3606.
Otus for eLearning or Snow Days in ILA guide to using Otus as an eLearning platform to comply with Public Act 099-0194/HB 2781
The Difference Between Software and SolutionsStart with why when purchasing technology
Understanding the Use of 2021 COVID Relief Funds to Address K-12 Learning LossHow does Otus qualify as a program to address learning loss?