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Use Text to Speech (TextHelp) on Advanced AssessmentsLearn how to enable a text-to-speech read aloud tool that also has a single-word translator, dictionary, and optional highlighters.
Student Annotations on Advanced AssessmentsTools including a notepad, sticky notes, highlight tool, and drawing tool are available for students taking an advanced assessment.
Image, Audio, and Video Requirements for Advanced AssessmentsAcceptable file types and file sizes for images, audio, and video on Advanced Assessments
Use Images on Advanced AssessmentsHow to make use of images when building questions in advanced assessments.
Use Video on Advanced AssessmentsLearn how to use videos in the advanced assessments you build in Otus.
Use Audio on Advanced AssessmentsEasily add audio to items in your Advanced Assessment.
Use Tables on Advanced AssessmentsHow to use tables in your Advanced Assessment items and questions.
Options for Students to Show Work on Advanced AssessmentsThere are ways for students to show or submit work on Advanced Assessments.
Have Students Show Work Using Drawing on an Advanced AssessmentThe Drawing question provides work space directly within the item. It includes a line tool, protractor, and free-hand writing or drawing.
Have Students Show Work by Uploading an Image for an Advanced AssessmentStudents can submit an image of their work page they used for an Advanced Assessment.
Have Students Show Work Using Math Essay with Rich Text on an Advanced AssessmentThe Math Essay question gives students a space to type out their work using a wide variety of math symbols and operations.
Have Students Show Work on a Formatted Work Page for Advanced AssessmentsStudents can show their work on a work page designed for the specific assessment. This is best for assessments taken in the classroom.
Embed an iFrame in an Advanced AssessmentEmbed many types of web-based resources into Advanced Assessments
Learnosity Terms and DefinitionsTerminology used by Learnosity in the Advanced Assessment Builder