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Family Guide: View Student Recognitions
Family Guide: View Student Recognitions

View student recognitions in a family account.

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Family members have the ability to see a student’s recognitions. Recognitions are given to students by their teachers, and can be either positive or negative.

  • Step 1: Select the My Students module. You will see a tile for each of your students.

  • Step 2: The numbers next to the plus (+) and minus (-) symbols stand for the total number of positive and negative recognitions they have received. Click on their student tile to be taken to a list of that student's classes

  • Step 3: Here you will see the number of positive and negative recognitions they've earned in each class. To see a more detailed breakdown, select the + (positive) or - (negative) symbol on a class tile.

This page will display all of the recognitions the student has received for the entire school year in that class. See below for details on each numbered component.

1 - Each row represents a recognition. From left to right, you'll find the positive (green) or negative (red) symbol, followed by the number of times the student has received that recognition. Next will be the name of the recognition, followed by the date and time the recognition was given.

2 - If a recognition was given more than once, you can expand the recognition to see all instances it was given. The instance listed on the main table will always be the most recent.

3 - You can change the order of the recognitions from "Newest first" to "Oldest first".

4 - You can choose to view all recognitions, only positive, or only negative.

5 - If the teacher left a note, it can be seen by selecting the note icon.

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