Admin accounts have the same capabilities as teacher accounts, but also have additional administrative capabilities. This article will show you how to add admin users.

  • Step 1: From the Control Center, select Admin Users

  • Step 2: Select + Add User

  • Step 3: Enter the full email address of the user and select Search

  • Step 4: Select Set as Admin

❗If the user does not already exist in the platform, you will be prompted to enter all of the appropriate information for the user. After entering the information, select Create Admin Account.

  • Step 4: Next you'll need to adjust the admin's access (or permissions) to sites, grade levels, or groups. Click here for more information.


  • Can a user have a teacher account and an admin account? Since only one account type can be assigned to a user, a single account can't be both a teacher and an admin. Visit this article to learn more information on how teachers can also use admin accounts.

  • Can admins be added as co-teachers to classes? Only teacher accounts can be added as co-teachers. Because admin users have a different account type, they can't be added as co-teachers.

  • Can admins assign teachers to district-created teacher groups? Yes. Admin accounts have the ability to assign a teacher to a district-created group (as long as that teacher is rostered in one of the sites they have permissions for).

  • Can admins change their own permissions? No - admin permissions must be changed in the Control Center of the Main Admin account.

  • Are admins the only ones that can run report cards? Currently, report cards can only be generated from an Admin or Main Admin account.

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