Here are directions for creating an Otus Family Account.

❗PLEASE READ FIRST: Your student already has an Otus account from the school district. To avoid confusion, it's best to use your own name rather than your student's name when creating the Family account.

Step 2: Select Create a New Account.

Step 3: Choose Family as the user type. Click Continue.

Step 4: Fill in your first name, last name (NOT your student's name), and phone number to Continue.

Step 5: Type in your email address, create a new password for Otus, and select Finish.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to view your student's progress, you will need to link them to your account using a unique student code. The code can be located in your student's Otus account or it may be provided to you by your school or teacher.

For instructions on linking a student to your account, check out the article below!

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